Sunday, 15 October 2017

Warfare Miniatures - Dismounted Dragoon horses NEW

I wanted some horses for my dismounted French Dragoons, so I emailed Barry Hilton at Warfare Miniatures to see if he had anything suitable. After a brief chat online a parcel arrived in the post containing 4 horses from the new yet to be released pack of horses!!!
I'm very privileged to be the first person to have them!

The plan was to get them painted up asap, but we're in the middle of decorating at the moment, so i persuaded Postie to volunteer and paint them up for me and what a spiffing paintjob he made of them too!

I'm not sure when they'll be on sale from, but look out for them soon.

They are going to be sold with a holder, but mine comes from the Dragoon command
 pack WLOA151.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Donnybrook - Col Bill's Pack Horses

While painting up the French Dragoons in my last post I also painted these Pack Horses from Col Bill's Depot Battalion range. They're £6 for 2 horses and are a handy addition to my growing Donnybrook collection.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Skirmish Wargames Show Sept 17

Posties not been a well chap recently, so I didn't know if we were gonna make Skirmish last Sunday.
But obviously we did, Postie put on a brave face and drove us up the A2 to Sidcup.
Col Bill was very glad to see us!

Not sure if they were, but numbers did seem down from the April show?
I guess being so close in date to Colours affected business?

Great grass tufts from Debris Of War

Medway Wargames - Wrath of Kings

The Old Guard - Imagi-nation

Maidstone Wargames Society  


Not Sure who - Vikings

Herne Bay & Whitstable -  20mm Napoleonic's

North London Wargames Group - 6mm Borodino 1812

Rainham Wargames Club - Napoleonics
Clint and Co
See Clint's post on Skirmish here

Skirmish Wargames - Sharpe's Village

The Privateers of London - The Battle of Grand Port

Milton Hundred - Strike on Karalis

? - 40k

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Battletech

The Bring & Buy

Games Hall
The floor tiles actually hurt my eyes.......
And who's that taking a pic of the 6mm Nappies
Yes its BigLee!! 
See his report on Skirmish here.

Finally the goodies!
Not a lot really, I needed a few extra cavalry bases for Donnybrook, from Col Bill's
A pack of mounted civvies from Col Bill's, once again for Donnybrook
a Foundry peasant cart for errrr....... Donnybrook?
And finally 3 packs of excellent grass tufts from Debris of War Scenics!

Next stop

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Donnybrook - French Colonel General Dragoons

Its been a while since I painted anything, in fact it was back in April during the last Analogue Painting Challenge! Not for the want of trying I might add. Work and kids seem to take up a hell of a lot more time nowadays.
Its a shame its taken me so long to get the brush out, but I have to thank being ill for the opportunity!
Nearly 2 weeks off work and I'm back at work part time after spending 3 days in hospital having my appendix removed. I've never felt pain like it!
So while sitting feeling very sorry for myself home alone the brush made an appearance.

And its more of the same I'm afraid, although we're back in European Donnybrook territory not North America.
The figures are from the excellent Warfare miniatures range. They're painted up as the Colonel-General Dragoons who fought in the the Battles of Steenkirke1692, Neerwinden 1693 and the Sieges of Namur 2nd 1695 and d'Ath in 1697.
Of course these will also be filling in as a Jacobite Dragoon unit for the Campaigns in Ireland.


And the unit dismounted

Along with the Officer I painted up a Sergeant.....just incase?