Saturday, 17 February 2018

AHPC8 Donnybrook - French Grenadiers & Louis XIV

Yet more figures for my Donnybrook shenanigans I'm afraid.
In today's post we have French Grenadiers and Kings Louis XIV of France.

The first 4 French Grenadiers are from North Star's 1672 range.
They are a tad early for my period, with their rolled up sleeves,
 but boy they are great looking figures.
I'm afraid the detail just hasn't shown up in the photos, which is really a shame.
They are a joy to paint and come highly 
recommended that's for sure!

The next four figures are from Foundry's Malburian range.
Nice figures but a tad boring as they're all the same pose. 
As per normal the bases are from Warbases, the grass tufts are a mix of Warpainter
and Debris of War Scenics

Oops almost forgot 4 ladders, which needed painting and won't earn me a lot of points!
I picked these up at the Rochester Model shop of £1!

King Louis XIV
Now I'm sure I bought him from North Star, but can't find him on their site???
I wasn't sure what colour to paint him, so chose a uniform consistent with
the Guarde Francais.

51 points altogether lifting me back up the table to 37th place.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

AHPC 8 Bonus Round "Musician" Donnybrook - Dancing duo

Another bonus round entry for the Challenge
For me this was the easiest Bonus Round " Musician"
It was the only round I knew what I'd paint as soon as I read the list.
The figures are from Col Bill's Depot Battalion sold as "17th Century Musicians and Dancers"

They can be bought here at Col Bill's for only £5!

They're not going to do a lot of fighting but should look the part, as
a bit of scenery, but you never know they could be hired assasins
scoping the village out??